Welcombe Coastal Barn, Cranham House, Welcombe, Hartland, Devon, EX39 6ET, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1288 331 351 | enquiries@welcombecoastalbarn.co.uk


We want you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and, in particular, the private gardens surrounding Welcombe Coastal Barn. With its own private garden areas within which you are welcome to sit, relax, eat and barbecue, should the mood take you, you are also welcome to wander around and explore.

Cherry Blossom at Welcombe Coastal Barn
Cherry blossom in the lower garden used by visitors.
Daises in the lawn at Welcombe Coastal Barn
If you can't cope with daisies in the lawn. Just go with it!
Gate at Welcombe Coastal Barn
An exit from the garden into the wild landscape of hills & woods.
Foxgloves at Welcombe Coastal Barn
Self seeded foxglove is what it is all about in the garden.
Roses at Welcombe Coastal Barn
Rosa "Albertine" against a sun-kissed wall.
Apples at Welcombe Coastal Barn
Welcombe Coastal Barn seen through an apple tree in autumn.
Lavender at Welcombe Coastal Barn
French lavender and steps onto the wild flower bank.
Venus and Seat at Welcombe Coastal Barn
Relax after a day of walking, swimming, surfing or cycling.
Snow at Welcombe Coastal Barn
It hardly ever snows in Welcombe...but when it does... wow!
Clematis "The President" at Welcombe Coastal Barn

Depending on what time of the year you visit here, you will find native trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs and apple blossom on the fruit trees that have been planted with traditional West Country varieties .

We have a special passion for roses and have, during our years here, continued to plant roses of all colours and types, many of which are the old-fashioned English varieties with heavenly scents.

In the summer, we have an abundance of flowering shrubs, perennial geraniums, sweet peas, daisies and hydrangea all set off by box edging and beech hedges.

Even in the early months of the year, there will be the startling white and green flowers of snowdrops and the dark wine colours of hellebores emerging in the depths of winter to delight when all appears to be dead to the world. This is then followed by the pale yellow of primroses, purple shades of the hedgerow dog violet, wild orchids, daffodils and tulips and camellias amidst many other gorgeous Spring flowers.

Late April into early May is when the bluebells, aconites and celandines take over in such profusion to take your breath away. Autumn brings the many shades and hues of gold, orange, brown and bright yellow as the wooded valleys change week by week and hedgerows fill with berries and wild fruits.

We aim to knit the garden seamlessly into the natural world around us.  So, from all parts of the garden the uninterrupted backdrop is of the hills and valley enabling you to walk out of one into the other without fences stopping your freedom to explore.