AUTUMN BLISS: From tree to bottle: Making our own Apple Juice

OUR ORCHARD has cropped well this year and we have been able to make a large quantity of our own apple juice for visitors to enjoy when they stay at Welcombe Coastal Barn. We grow traditional West Country varieties to make a fine blend of delicious sweet juice.  With names like "Court of Wick", Greensleeves", "Cockle Pippin", "Ashmeads Kernal", Christmas Pearmain" and "Beauty of Bath" we can mix eating with cooking apples to balance the taste.

We pick, sort and wash the crop and take the apples to Welcombe Barton where over a couple of days we can crush, press, bottle and pasteurise the juice.  It is quite a long process but it ensures that the apple juice has a shelf life of a year.  So, hopefully we have enough to last until next Autumn.