Welcombe is nature's own Spring canvas

Whilst we mere humans spend much of our lives attempting to create something resembling artistry, the truth is that when we take the time to stop and look, nature's own canvas is there in front of us in all its breathtaking glory showcasing the full palette of artist's colour. Never more so than on the cliff tops and in the woodland valleys of North Devon and Cornwall during the Spring months of April and May.

Demonstrating an artistic ease that we can only aspire to, nature has painted our lovely woodland in soft blues, pinks, whites, yellows and every shade, tone and hue of green imaginable. A floor covered with the nodding, delicate heads of the Bluebell, hedgerows overflowing with the delicacy of Queen Anne's lace and Hawthorn blossom interspersed with the soft spikes of budding Foxgloves and the simple, smiling faces of the Red Campion. Why would we look any further to enjoy both the art of yesteryear and the art of today?

The stunning scenery of the clifftops between Welcombe Mouth and Marsland - an area of natural beauty protected by the National Trust and the Devon Wildlife Trust - is an extension of the area's beautiful woodlands. The bright Spring sunshine's colours are reflected in the golden tones of the Gorse rampaging across the cliffs, the delicacy of the Primroses and Kidney Vetch offering a soft, natural carpet and the stately elegance of the native yellow Flag Iris.