Welcombe Mouth Beach is so spectacularly beautiful when the sun shimmers on the sea and when the light is so intense that the waves look like molten silver.  We spent an afternoon there last week and swam in warm water.  As the tide came in and children squealed with delight as the sea covered their feet all cares seemed very far away. And as sand castles, which had taken hours to make, were rapidly disappearing under the advancing waves it felt as though long lasting summer holiday memories were being formed. But, although it is August and the holiday season is in full swing the beach was never crowded and we knew that we were all enjoying the best kept secret.  

Someone had been out in an inflatable boat waiting for the tide to turn to bring him back in again.  Someone else was sea fishing for bass and mackerel and another person was taking photos with a serious camera mounted on a tripod.  However, the photograph here was taken on a phone by Shannon Lawrence and she has captured it pretty well, don't you think.

As we walked back to the house through the valley we met our guests from Welcombe Coastal Barn walking the other way, on their way to the beach to watch the sunset (and have a glass or two, no doubt) and dine in great style on the beach.  HAPPY DAYS!